Mold Be Gone is a family run business and has been operating in Toronto for over 15 years. We are known by many as the go to “Mold Guys” from our experience within the industry and quality of work.

After many years of testing we have developed advanced techniques to eradicate mold from homes so that it never comes back again.

Our crew is professional and has the expertise needed to ensure that your home is mold free.  Mold remediation can be expensive however you will find our prices very competitive and we do not take any short cuts like our competitors.  Finding a low cost mold removal company may save you money in the short run but you can be sure that your mold problem will come back with no doubt.

You see many mold remediation companies in Toronto actually do not have the proper accreditation and you would have no idea whether the mold was removed or not. It is this reason that the mold removal industry is mainly based on trust.

Having been in business for many years, we know how important it is to be upfront and explain everything to the client. Our team has all the appropriate accreditation so you can be sure you are dealing with only the best.  The crew that will service your home is highly professional and we have established policies in place to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

A true testament of our quality service is the number of referrals we get on a daily basis. Every month we serve at least 100 clients in Toronto and surrounding areas just as Mississauga, Brampton and Scarborough.

What Services Do We Provide

Mold Testing

One of the services we provide is testing your home for mold. Using various techniques we will determine if you have mold in your home and recommend a solution.

Mold Removal/Remediation

The main service we provide is mold removal/redmediation for homes, industrial buildings, and apartements. We have experience in removing mold from every structure so you can be confident that we are the ones who can get the job done with no worry of the mold appearing every again.

Air Quality Testing

Air Quality testing is essential for your health and well-being. There are many invisible dangers that can be lurking in the air within your home such as mold, dust and asbestos. These are often undetected and the health effects are found later. Our air quality testing in Toronto will ensure your place of residence is free of toxins.

Areas We Service

Mold Be Gone services areas in Markham, Richmond Hill, GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Ajax, Pickering and Newmarket. If you are not in any of these areas and would like for us to assist you, do not hesitate to give us a call.